About Library

The library which has now become an essential part of the social fabric has been a product of the actual needs of modern civilization. Culture is essentially a social communication of experience of our predecessors. Books have preserved this experience & the library has been disseminating it to the living individuals for further progress. Each individual has the ‘Right to information’. Our library tries to do its best by satisfying the hunger for information.

Our library has total collection of books 53148, 43 journals & magazines, 11 newspapers & 2346 CD-ROMs. The facility of reading room& CD-ROM facility at digital library are made available to the students & teachers. Library also subscribes the N-LIST Program of INFLIBNET. Through N-LIST Program more than 6000+ e-journals and 3135000+ e-books in various subjects is available for the users. Digital library is well-equipped with latest infrastructure of computers, headphones & CDs. Library also provide Book Bank Scheme for economically backward and needy students. Another notifying fact is that college library provides service to outsiders like students doing C.A. and other professional courses.

Newspapers are mirror of the world. Important articles from the newspapers are displayed on the notice board regularly. Newspaper clippings file is maintained in the library which provides a good source of references to the students as well as the staff.

It is no doubt that library is the ocean of knowledge & our college strives hard to add more drops of knowledge by increasing number of books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, atlases, journals, magazines, newspapers & audio-visual materials & make readily accessible to the students for improving their intellectual level.

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