List of Articles in Economic and Political Weekly, VOL 46 No. 26 & 27, June 25 – July 18, 2011


From 50 Years Ago ( 25 June 2011)


Silence on Killings in Bihar


The New IIP


Subversion of an Institution



Fasts, Hunger and Hunger Strikes

Anand Teltumbde


Paan or POSCO?

Banikanta Mishra , birendra Kumar Nayak


Universal Access to Healthcare: Threats and Opportunities

Anil Gupta , and Others

Writing Histories in Conflict Zones

Idrees Kanth

Status of Rural Migrant Workers in Chinese Cities

Swapna Banerjee-Guha

The Anti-Corruption Movement and Its False Divides

Saroj Giri

Debt Swap: A Solution for Greece’s Problems

Avinash Persaud

India’s FTA Choices Get More Ambitious

Ranja Sengupta

Malkangiri Kidnap in Orissa: Negotiating Peace

G Haragopal


Land Acquisition Law and the Proposed Changes

Mihir Desai


Judging Marxism by Its Fruits

Kobad Ghandy

Practices in Fiscal Federalism

Sudipto Mundle

A Window to Reality

Rahul Varman


Irrigation in Telangana: The Rise and Fall of Tanks

Gautam Pingle

Farmers’ Suicides in Punjab: A Census Survey of the Two Most Affected Districts

R S Sidhu , Sukhpal Singh , A S Bhullar

Reorienting Land Use Strategies for Socio-economic Development in Uttar Pradesh

Arun Chaturvedi , N G Patil , S N Goswami

Revitalising Higher Agricultural Education in India

J Challa , P K Joshi , Prabhakar Tamboli

Farm Size and Productivity: Understanding the Strengths of Smallholder and Improving Their Livelihoods

Ramesh Chand , P A Lakshmi Prasanna , Aruna Singh

Spread and Economics of Micro-irrigation in India: Evidence from Nine States

K Palanisami , Kadiri Mohan , K R Kakumanu , S Raman

Water Harvesting Traditions and the Social Milieu in India: A Second Look

Shri Krishan

National Water Policy: An Alternative Draft for Consideration

Ramaswamy R Iyer


Pakistan’s Army: Divided It Stands

Pervez Hoodbhoy


Rural Structural Transformation: The Case of the Services Sector in India

Jeemol Unni , Ravikiran Naik

Economic Growth and Employment

Prabhat Patnaik

On the Beach in the Andaman Islands: Post-mortem of a Failed Colony

Satadru Sen

Assessing the Mumbai Metropolitan Region: A Governance Perspective

Abhay Pethe , Sahil Gandhi , Vaidehi Tandel


The Dialectics of Globalisation in Arunachal Pradesh

Prasanta Kumar Nayak

Identifying BPL Households: A Comparison of Competing Approaches

M R Sharan


Reflections on ‘Normalisation’ of Imperialism

Sneh Mahajan

Deoband Patriarchy

Suneetha Achyutha


Macroeconomic Indicators (25 June 2011)

EPW Research Foundation

Trends in Index of Industrial Production



Biased Article on Sri Lanka

Consul General

Underestimate of Tamil Nadu Budget for Drugs

JMA Bruno Mascrenhas

A Reply

S Srinivasan

On Gandhi

Malabika Pande

Courtesy : Economic and Political Weekly

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