Library Committee

For smooth functioning of library and development of library an advisory committee has been formed. Different issues of library are discussed in the regular meetings.

Library Committee comprises of following six members

Dr. C.T. Chakraborty – Principal and Chairperson of Library Committee

Mr. Sahadeo D. Taware – Librarian and Secretary of Library Committee

Mrs. Nisha Bhatnagar – Member

Dr. Vitthal Mohite – Member

Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh – Member

Dr. Aparna Deshmukh – Member

Functions of Library Committee

1.      Employ competent and adequate staff

2.      Ensure a functional & modular type building at a proper location. It should have adequate facilities.

3.      Lay down sound library rules

4.      Make provision for adequate library services

5.      Make provision for sufficient funds for procurement of documents, employment of staff, purchase of equipment, maintenance of building etc.

6.      Lay down general library policy.