List of Periodicals

Sr. No. Name Format
1 Arthshastra Indian Journal of Economics & Research Print
2 Biology Today Print
3 Business Today Print
4 Business World Print
5 Chemistry Today Print
6 Chhatrath Print
7 Chronicle Print
8 Competition Success Review Print
9 Corporate Citizen Print
10 Cosmopolitan Print
11 Current Science Print
12 Dalal Street Print
13 Digit Print
14 Economic and Political Weekly Print
15 Economic Digest Print
16 Elie Print
17 Employment News Print
18 Femina Print
19 Frontline Print
20 General Knowledge Today Print
21 Gruhashobhika (Marathi) Print
22 Health and Nutritution Print
23 India Today Print
24 India Unbound Print
25 Indian Journal of Biotechnology Print
26 Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec A Print
27 Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec B Print
28 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology Print
29 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Print
30 Journal of Advanced Research in Journalism and Mass Communication Print
31 Journal of Biosciences Print
32 Journal of Commerce and Management Thoughts Print
33 Journal of Communication Media Watch Print
34 Journal of Genetics Print
35 Mathematics Today Print
36 National Geographic Print
37 Outlook Print
38 Physics For You Print
39 Pramana – Journal of Physics Print
40 Reader’s  Digest Print
41 Resonance – Journal of Science Education Print
42 Sarita (Hindi) Print
43 Science Reporter Print
44 Sportstar Print
45 The IUP Journal of Bank Management Print
46 The IUP Journal of Business Strategy Print
47 The Iup Journal of Entrepreneurship Development Print
48 The IUP Journal of Management Research Print
49 The IUP Journal of Marketing Management Print
50 The IUP Journal of Organization Behaviour Print
51 University News Print
52 Vogue Print
53 Women’s Era Print
54 Yogoda Satsang Print